Phenyoetsile Change Agents realizes that there is a pressing need to create internal resistance, in rural areas, against substance abuse. Raising awareness about the scourge in rural areas serves as a form of prevention tool used by PCA. Also, rehabilitating those who are dependent on substances, while also creating an environment where past users will not be at risk of relapsing, or where potential users are drawn to dependence. Drugs and alcohol abuse is a worldwide problem. It affects all sectors of society in all countries. In particular it affects the freedom and development of youth who are the world’s most valuable asset.

Phenyoetsile Change Agents is a local office that deals with substance abuse, serving as a link between major service providers and stakeholders such as the Department of Social Development and the Department of Health and the rural community of Lehrutshe District.  

Prevention services

  • Offers educational programs on substance abuse and other life skills training through creative outputs to the community at large (e.g. schools, churches and social clubs).
  • Serves as a link between the rural youth and youth development agencies, in order to prioritize the development of rural youth as a prevention tool.
  • In collaboration with Abundant Possibilities (NPO) offer recreational activities to the rural youth such as (soccer club, poetry club, eco club, art club, netball club and Bible club).

Rehabilitation services

  • Supporting local traditional rehabilitation strategies (PCA acknowledges that formal rehabilitation is not the only method of successfully rehabilitating users) therefore PCA supports local rehabilitation methods that operate within a constitutional framework.
  • Increases access to formal rehabilitation services to the rural community by serving as a link between the community and state agencies such as the Department of Social Development and the Department of Health.
  • Offers psychological (counseling) and spiritual support to addicts, families of addicts, those who have been victimized due to substance abuse and the community at large.

Reintegration services

  • In collaboration with the Motswedi Information and Technology Centre (MOITO) PCA offers computer skills training to rehabilitated individuals with the goal of equipping them with new skill, helping them reintegrate back into society with a new skill to aid in sustaining their new lifestyle.


Address: Stand number: 30045 Sebalagane Section Motswedi Village, 2870.

Phone: 076-263-0098/067-115-152





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Phenyoetsile Change Agents (PCA) was birthed out of a need. A need to see restoration in villages that were once the epitome of peace and harmony, villages that are currently being ravaged by violence because of substance abuse and all the troubles it brings



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